Jackson Logos


The Original handwritten logo in gold paint



1983-1986 "San Dimas" decal. 

Two variations of this logo appear mostly within 1985

The most common is the no "Made in USA" like the headstock above. They still have the "" above the N (but that can be hidden by the tuner bushing). These likely occurred because the logo was too close to the edge and the decal was chipped away in the finish process. This decal below shows one that went through with part of "made in USA" removed.

The other variation has "Made in USA" placed beside the N.  It still has the "" above the N. This style becomes very common in very late 1985 and is seen heavily through 1986. There are actually two versions of this logo. The first style has "Made in USA" tucked in closer than the 1986 style. 

This example below has the "Made in USA" portion overlapping the N in "Jackson". This may be a GMW relogo.

San Dimas decal on Strathead




In 1986 the factory began using a new silk-screened logo. This style logo is used to this day on many models. Notice "Made in USA" beside the N and "" is now replaced with ""

The new silkscreen method allowed them to do Custom Colors on the logos

Here is a 1987 Strathead


In 1987 Pearl Logos became an option. Earliest versions have no "Made in USA" or


Around 1989 smaller sized Jackson logos also began to appear on various guitars. Some only say "Jackson" others are complete.

Strathead with small logo


The Pearl Logos gained "Made in USA" and which are silkscreened

The Custom Shop has presented some special logos. This 1995 has a 'shaded' pearl.

This 1996 has special Custom Shop mention and is inlaid in Abalone

By 1997 the pearl logos slightly changed in shape on all models even Custom Shop pieces

Black outlined Pearl on natural Maple

2000 Custom Shop 



Special models of Randy Rhoads V's feature a gold logo similar to the old handwritten versions



Any necks you see featuring "Professional" or "Performer" after "Jackson" are imports. 

Some imports with reverse headstocks have logos that look like '89ish small logos. To be sure your guitar is USA, confirm the serial number with the serial number chart at www.jacksonguitars.com.

Thanks to Mike Bartelt for the Custom Shop pics. 


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