Original Wiring Diagrams

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Fender Telecaster Here is the diagram for the 1953-1967 guitars.

Fender Esquire Good for all years.

Fender Stratocaster Good for all years (reissue) including 5 way switch era.

Fender Musicmaster This diagram is handy for several instruments including Champ steels, electric Mandolins and other one pickup model instruments.

Fender Duo-Sonic This is for the first generation Duo-Sonic only.

Fender Jazzmaster Good for all years.

Fender Precision Bass Here is how to wire the split pickup style.

Fender Jazz Bass This is for the more common 3 knob style.

Fender Bass 6

Fender Jaguar Good for all years.

Fender Jaguar in Color! Good for all years, clearer than the original, but still a factory style layout.

Fender Electric 12 This would also be used for the rare "Fender Custom" or :Maverick" guitars.

Fender Mustang Good for the Duo-Sonic II guitars as well.

Fender Mustang Bass Also good for Lead Bass

Fender Telecaster Bass Also good for First generation P-Bass

Fender Telecaster Custom This is for the 70's Humbucker version

Fender Telecaster Deluxe

Fender Telecaster Thinline This is for the 70's Humbucker version



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